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Professional Teachers

Our faculty includes highly qualified music educators who are also active musicians with substantial teaching and performance experience.

Affordable Prices

We have a clear monthly tuition with no "hidden fees" or long-term commitment.

Excellent Music Program

Our music instructors use unique teaching methods, sight-reading, popular songs, and fun teaching styles. We tailor our grade-level lesson plans to each student's talents, skills, and personality.

Effective Customized Lessons

Our music instructors use unique teaching methods, sight-reading, popular songs, and fun teaching styles.

Flexible Scheduling

We work with you to find the best day and time for lessons with a teacher that fits your child's personality and skills.

We specialize in providing high-quality music lessons for children and teens in the comfort of their own home, fostering a convenient and nurturing environment for musical growth and exploration.

About Us

Do you want your child to Play Piano & Sing? Play Guitar? Play Piano & Sing? Play Guitar & Sing? Play Piano & Guitar? Sing?

Our Services

Personalized piano lessons in classical, jazz, and pop styles for all ages and skill levels, with one-on-one instruction designed to build a strong foundation in piano technique, theory and performance. 

One-on-one acoustic, electric and bass guitar lessons in multiple styles, taught by experienced musicians. 

Customized singing lessons for all music styles, taught by trained voiced teachers with performance backgrounds, focusing on techniques like breathing, range, pitch and stage presence. 

mixed Lessons

Highly effective for beginner and very young students, as it allows them to learn multiple instruments, enhancing their overall musical understanding and versatility. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The best age for a child to start taking music lessons can vary depending on the child’s development.

We usually recommend that the child begin taking private piano and/or singing lessons around 4 years old. At this age, children have developed enough fine motor skills to start playing simple instruments or singing, and they are also at a prime age for learning and absorbing new information.

For guitar lessons, we generally recommend the child be at least 6 years old to ensure their fingers are strong enough to play the guitar comfortably. This reduces the likelihood of frustration and fosters a more enjoyable and successful learning experience. 

  • Convenience: In-home lessons eliminate travel time for the student and teacher.
  • Comfortable learning environment: Familiar surroundings can reduce anxiety and create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Flexibility: In-home lessons allow for greater scheduling flexibility. It eliminates the need to commute to another location, wait for the lesson to conclude, and drive back, allowing parents to efficiently manager other tasks at home during the lesson.
  • Parent involvement: Parents can listen to the lessons and be more involved in their child’s musical education.
  • Privacy: Students can feel more relaxed and confident without the pressure of a public setting.

Just give us a call or fill out the form on the Trial page and we will call you back with suggestions! We devote much of our time to matching young students with the right teacher.

Our teachers are great at music instruction for any grade level. This includes preschool, elementary school, and high school.

We know all of our teachers very well since we interact with them extensively on a daily basis. We know their personality, strengths, weaknesses, and their teaching style. We regularly speak with all students and parents, so we have a good understanding of the type of students that best fit each teacher.

More than 20 top local music teachers make up the faculty at our music program! Naturally, they come from different backgrounds and have different areas of specialization. We receive dozens of applications from music teachers each month.

We screen, interview and carefully choose each of our music teachers to ensure the highest quality of instruction. We continuously speak to former and current students and parents, to make sure that all of our teachers keep the high standards that our teaching team is known for in the local community.

Yes, many of our teachers are professional vocal coaches and are also teaching piano and/or guitar up to intermediate or advanced levels.

Yes, our experienced music teachers are great at teaching how to play musical instruments. Moreover, at the same time, they will also teach your child music theory. Being able to read standard music notation can expand your child’s options and enjoyment. 

For the first piano lesson, all you need is a basic piano keyboard, which can be conveniently purchased at affordable prices from popular online retailers like Amazon and Target. 

For the first guitar lesson, we recommend that the child has their own guitar to practice with. However, we understand that selecting the right guitar for a child can be challenging, so we encourage parents to speak with the teacher beforehand to receive personalized advice and recommendations on what to purchase.

We offer 30 minute, 45 minutes and 60 minute private one-on-one lessons. 

For younger students, we generally recommend 30-minute or 45-minute mixed instrument (e.g., piano and singing) lessons in order to maintain their engagement and enthusiasm throughout the entire lesson. 

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Client Testimonials

“My children love their music teachers! Through Musicians on Wheels we were able to find different teachers for my son and daughter that work well with each their personalities and their schedules. My daughter thrives with the structured approach of her piano teacher, while my son flourishes under the creative guidance of his guitar teacher. The personalized approached to lessons ensures that both of our children are getting the most out of their music lessons. We're gateful for the positive impact it's had on their musical journey!”

"Since starting piano lessons, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my daughter's development. She's much more confident, disciplined and focused. And, most importantly, she looks forward to each class! It's amazing to see how much she's progressed in such a short time."

"Being a parent of three young children, coordinating schedules can be hectic. Thanks to Musicians on Wheels, our lives have become so much easier! With piano lessons conveniently in our living room, we no longer have to deal with the hassle of commuting or coordinating multiple activities. Our children can focus on their music education without the stress of travel, and I can manage our busy schedule more efficiently."

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Tiffany Herring
Tiffany Herring
I took voice and guitar lessons here.
Ozgur Aral
Ozgur Aral
As parents, we are incredibly proud and excited by the progress both of our children have made through the unparalleled quality of music education they have, and continue to receive here. Lena has been coaching our daughter in piano and voice for a few years now, and the technical advancement our daughter has shown even in the first few months was incredible. The same holds true for our son, who under Joe's teachings for Guitar, has blown us away with his ability to learn guitar at such a young age (he can now sheet read all notes on his guitar). The level of attention to technical discipline, and building of confidence in the students are key components of the Music Academy's teaching, and the results are worth every penny we spend toward their music education. I would highly recommend this business!
sreelekha pillai
sreelekha pillai
My daughter finds the teachers at Musicians on Wheels very personable and encouraging. She struggles with her confidence while singing, but feels like her classes here have really helped her become more comfortable with singing in front of large audiences.
Shan Stan
Shan Stan
Our children have been coming to Musicians on Wheels for many years now. Wonderful experience overall. Great teachers and a nice studio for lessons and most importantly our kids enjoy coming here. Both Ms Lena and Rex have been very patient and encouraging with our kids and it has paid off. Highly recommend it.
Mark Elfers
Mark Elfers
Our daughter has learned so much in her three years at Musicians on Wheels. Not only is she growing musically, but she has gained a lot of self-confidence as well. The instruction is top notch but never overly strict or pressured. We can’t wait to see how much more she learns there.
hyon koo
hyon koo
My daughter has a singing lesson with Ms. Anita and Ms. Anita makes every lesson full of joy!
Ilaria Guasparri
Ilaria Guasparri
Musicians on Wheels in Westfield has great teachers, beautiful studios, very good price. My daughter love it and she learned very quickly to play piano. I highly recommend it.
Moosie Doom
Moosie Doom
Our kids have been taking piano lessons at Musicians on Wheels for 10 years. We have had multiple instructors and all have been excellent. Chris teaches piano and guitar. He is a patient and enthusiastic instructor, and a skilled musician. Highly recommended.
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